Challenge Your Parkinson's Symptoms

Help your brain COMPENSATE for its dysfunctional pathways.

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You could just take your medications, exercise a little, go home, and try to forget the Parkinson's.

But Parkinson's injures a part of your brain. Your brain is trying to strengthen alternative pathways.

Conscious training, done every day, uses different nerve connections to help you stay safe and independent.

If Parkinson's arose suddenly, like a stroke (another brain injury), and your arm were hanging loosely at your side, you would try to make it work again. Stroke victims compensate by strengthening alternative brain pathways. It is a hard, long-term endeavor.

So is compensating for Parkinson's symptoms. Both stroke victims and people living with Parkinson's must use attentional endurance, conscious control, and constant learning to offset the dysfunctional brain pathways.

The difficulty for PWP is that medications can mask some symptoms so that the need to do the work seems less urgent. You can tell yourself that you will handle that symptom later, when the meds don't work anymore.

Stroke victims can't wait, and neither can you.